Kawasaki Monster Bike

Localization: Warsaw, Poland

Monster Bike is a Kawasaki showroom in Warsaw. The space inside the object is illuminated with luminaires, which perfectly emphasize advantages of modern bikes. In the showroom we have applied Saturn LED luminaires these are updated models of this family of products. There was a change in the construction of this luminaire. Saturn LED luminaires are available in version with two different shades, which are made of polycarbonate or aluminium. Additionally, they can be equipped with diffusers made of hardened glass or polycarbonate which makes that they perfectly match in restaurants with a special atmosphere or business premises of industrial character. In addition, motorbikes are lit with Lightpod LED projectors mounted on three-phase busbars. It allows to freely arrange luminaires if there is a need of exposition changes in the showroom.

Products used in realization: